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Training Roster


  1. Training is only available to new members of Auckland Pistol Club.

  2. Booking for training needs to be made no more than 7 days before and be submitted by 5pm Thursday of the same week. Last minute bookings will be rejected.

  3. Club pistols will be available for Beginner (.22LR) and Intermediate Sessions (9mm).

  4. Club pistols may not be available for club matches, unless a confirmation is sent by one of the trainers prior to the match.

  5. If you have been signed off in your training manual from Beginners Classes, you can now attend the Intermediate Class.

  6. If you have been signed off from Intermediate Classes - please begin coming to the Club Matches.

  7. ONLY approved ammunition can be shot through the club guns

  8. If you have not yet received your Club ID, please contact the club secretary

  9. If you want to do the holster course, please check the club calendar for course dates. Please contact well in advance of the course. You must do the holster course with your own gun and equipment. Please read your training manual to ensure that you meet the pre-requisites for the holster course. The Training Officer needs to confirm you are ready to attend the course.

Please use the form below to book for a training session:

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