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FAQ   tl;dr

Q1: How much does it cost.

A: Membership fees for the club are $300 a year.

     Less if you are under 21, or over 60, or the family member of an existing club member. 

Q2: Do I need a firearms license to join?

A: Yes, you will need a firearms license first. If you don't have one, apply for one today. The application form can be found on the NZ Police website. 

     You will need a firearms license to buy ammunition to use for your training as well. 

Q3: Are there any special conditions required to get a Pistol License?

A: Yes there are, see the Police and Pistol New Zealand websites for guidance on these. 

Q4: What do I need to do to get my Pistol License?

A: In brief: Have a firearms license, join the club, complete the beginner and intermediate levels of the clubs training program, this focuses on safe firearms handling practices, starting at a very basic level and taking you to the point where you are safe and competent to attend the club's weekend matches. After being a club member for at least 6 months you can then apply for the clubs endorsement on your Pistol License application. This is forwarded to Pistol New Zealand and then the Police who commence the process of vetting you to receive a pistol endorsement on your firearms license, conducting a home visit, a security inspection, processing your paperwork.  

Q5: If I join the club what gear do I need?

A: Initially the club provides all the equipment you need for training, except your ammunition. You might like to bring your own pair of safety glasses and earmuffs.


Q6: How long does it take to get my Pistol License?

A: You must be a club member for a minimum of 6 months before the club is allowed to consider your application. For a typical new joining club member they will complete the training program within this six months (making a minimum of 12 visits during this time) and be ready to submit their paperwork for endorsement at the end of this period.  After that the paperwork goes to PNZ and then the Police for processing. 

Q7: How do I join the club?

A: Read _everything_  on the 'Joining' tab of this website. Do the things outlined there. 

Q8: I have never shot a gun, can I come and shoot a gun first to see if I like it?

A: No. Sorry but we don't have the resources to cater to this. 

Q9: Will I get to shoot a gun on my induction visit?

A: No, this visit is purely to show you around the club grounds. You will get to shoot a gun during your training sessions which can only occur after your membership application has been approved. 



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