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Joining Brookby Archery Club

Brookby Archery Club (BAC) is a startup archery club, incorporated in late 2020. It uses land and facilities provided by Auckland Pistol Club (APC). A large flat gravel based range has a number of archery target bales placed down it providing for arrows to be shot at up to 50 yards.


Due to the existing range safety practices required of a pistol club this is one of the few archery clubs where Crossbows are allowed. Targets are provided for this as well. 

A number of 3D animal targets are also available for practice and future plans are to place these in the existing bush areas around the club grounds to provide for a number of 3D animal lanes.   

There are two membership options for joining Brookby Archery Club and one option for making a lane booking for a one off visit to the archery club as a non member to sight in a crossbow or similar.

Existing members of Auckland Pistol Club -Click here for a membership form

Not a member of Auckland Pistol Club & would like to join Brookby Archery Club? Click here. 

Visitors -  Visiting to sight in a bow or crossbow Click here to make a lane booking.


Download BAC Constitution

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