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Directions to Auckland Pistol Club

Directions to Auckland Pistol Club

Well these directions below are a bit of a mouthful, truth be told the club is not difficult to find. Drive along Fitzpatrick Road, Brookby and you will see our sign.

Still if your maps have failed you, here are some step-by-step directions on how to find us. 

Travel south along the southern motorway until you get to the Manurewa turn off.

This is the next turn off after Manukau (Rainbows End).

At the top of the turn off, turn left.

As you go along the road you will see the Botanic Gardens on your left.

Carry on past the Gardens and you will see a Mobil gas station and a group of shops.

Continue along the road till you reach a round-a-bout where you need to go right.

This becomes STRATFORD ROAD.

Continue along this road until you come to another round-a-bout.

Continue straight through the round-a-bout.

Continue straight until you get to another round-a-bout.

Continue straight though that round-a-bout.

On your right you will see ALFRISTON SCHOOL.

Continue along this road, soon you will see a pony club on your left.

The road will go over the hill and curve to the left, continue along this road.

Next you will pass a street on the right. ALFRISTON ARDMORE ROAD.

Continue pass this road.

You will go over a small hill and on the down side you will see a road to the right.

Turn right down this road (FITZPATRICK ROAD.)

This road has a little brown shed on the left hand side as you approach the bridge.

The road starts off tarsealed, then turns to gravel.

Continue along this road until you see an open fence gate on the right.

There will be a sign which says "APC Shooting Complex"

Drive up the driveway into the parking lot.

You will see the clubrooms with the AUCKLAND PISTOL CLUB logo on it.

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