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PNZ ISSF Section

ISSF International Sport Shooting Federation


In this discipline you have the chance to represent your country in an Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or Oceania's pistol event.  Control of the sport is based in Munich.
The website can be found here:


The rules and regulations allow for the participants to compare their skill levels to everyone in the discipline at any competition from club matches to the top international events.  All of the ISSF Pistol matches are scored out of 60 shots from a standing stationary position.  Stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control and mental discipline are the fundamentals to master and will help in all forms of shooting. 

Auckland Pistol Club has two 25 metre ranges, providing 16 bays for competitors to hone their skills and talent.  On Sunday mornings at 10:00am an ISSF match is organised on the 25m ranges. 


Club members also have the chance to compete in the match that opened the door to all pistol shooting in New Zealand, the Free Pistol match, now called 50m Pistol.  On the first Saturday of the month, on range 1, a 50m Pistol match is calendared so that the ultimate challenge to the competitors technique and concentration can be tested.


Do make sure that you check the club calendar for any changes because of scheduled events or competitions being held at the range. 


If you would like to participate in an ISSF match (or know more about ISSF pistol shooting) please use the ISSF email address 


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