Becoming a member

Please read this section carefully.

You MUST have a current New Zealand A Category Firearms License to join Auckland Pistol Club.

How to join


Complete the following steps. Membership applications are completed online. A copy is received by the secretary and training officer. Membership applications are considered once a month by the committee at it's regular meeting typically on the second Wednesday of each month.  

Click here to complete the online  Membership Application Form - Complete all sections on the form, there are three items that need to be uploaded to the form: a copy of your firearms license, a copy of a passport style photograph for your club ID card, and for new members the FM1 form. Make sure you have these ready as files to attach before you begin completing the form. If you can't attach them or need to send them separately they can be emailed to

Click here to download the FM1 Form - Complete all sections and sign. Scan or photograph the form and upload it to your membership application.  Your FM1 number will be assigned by the club secretary when processing your application.

The digital photograph of yourself you provide with your membership application should be a head-shot only on a neutral background similar to a passport photo, but you can take your own with a good camera and good lighting. Remember to smile.  

During the membership process the treasurer will advise you of the club account into which you will need to pay your membership fees and you will be invoiced for the correct amount.



After you become a probationary member


After your probationary membership application has been approved, you will be issued with your club ID badge, a sign in token and your own Training Manual. The Training Manual has further information about the club and provides a record of your training progress.


As a new club-member you must undergo a 6 month minimum training period before you can apply for a pistol endorsement on your firearms licence. Please note that all membership approvals are initially for 12 month probationary membership regardless of experience.


During your initial 6 months as a member at APC (for members working towards a B'endorsement) you must make 12 attendances at the club and meet all training requirements.  Your membership may be cancelled at any time during this period and your current membership fees refunded. Failing to meet either of the attendance or training requirements during this time may result in your probationary period being extended by a further 6 months.


During this time you must complete 12 shoots from your training manual before applying for your B endorsement (Pistol License).

To book in for Training, please go to the Training Roster link off the home page where you'll find details of when training sessions are on, and a web form to book in.  Please bring proof of payment to your training.

This will be a printed receipt of payment, sent to you by the Treasurer of Auckland Pistol Club.


Please note: Training is only available to members of the Auckland Pistol Club.




Applying for your pistol license


Before applying to committee for your pistol license you need the following:


  • Have a current New Zealand firearms license

  • Have been a member of the New Zealand Pistol Association (NZPA) for a minimum of 6 months

  • Have completed 12 recorded shoots in your training manual

  • Have sat and passed the NZPA Safety test and Club Range Officers test


The Training Officer will assist in submitting your application to the Committee for approval.




Maintaining your pistol license


Please be aware that there is an ongoing commitment to having a pistol license in New Zealand.

Obtaining your B endorsement (Pistol License) is only part of the process.

The only lawful purpose to own a pistol in New Zealand is to shoot it competitively so in order to retain your license, you must continue to attend a minimum of 12 shoots per year and to remain a financial member of a Pistol Club (and thereby PNZ).