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DoubleTap 2019


Event managed by Auckland Pistol Club

Venue: Rotorua Pistol Club


10am Start on Saturday 6th July   

           -Drive to the venue that morning !!! Save the cost of a nights accommodation if you like. 

Spot Prizes given away after-match on Saturday afternoon.  

Early Finish on Sunday, final results posted online.

Get away early Sunday, home in time for dinner !!

Exciting Stages may include: a bush stage,  elevated platform (dance floor) stage, darkened house stage, an open house stage,  270 degree stage and more!!

Exciting props: Swingers, Drop-Turners, Falling Plates, Reactive Targets, and Poppers!!

Challenging stage design with multiple options, multiple solutions to shooting problems, find yours!

This will be a grading match on the proviso that there are three master grade shooters in each division, then those divisions will be graded.

This match is 2 months out before the NZ Nationals, an ideal timeframe to ratify your grade before going into the Nationals and cheap!!! It's a month out from the South Islands as well. Grade up !!

Stage Plan is for:     2 Long ≤ 32 rnds ,    5 Medium ≤ 24 rnds,    3 Short  ≤ 12 rnds.

This years Double Tap will be a Level 2 sanctioned IPSC match run by Auckland Pistol Club.

It will comprise 10 challenging stages shot over two days. This year we are looking at starting at 10am on Sunday morning to allow out of towners to drive to the Rotorua Pistol Club that morning and save themselves the cost of an additional nights accommodation as well as awarding the spot-prizes on Saturday evening. Match results will be posted online so there will be no need to hang around after shooting is finished on Sunday, you can get away early. 

Auckland Pistol Club currently hosts the prestigious Double Tap match at the Rotorua Pistol Club. Our own Auckland club grounds are working though a noise complaint issues caused by a new build neighbor.  The good news is that APC is open and on the mend. Centerfire matches are now possible again on one of our ranges. As the club continues to develop the remaining ranges will gradually reopen until we are a premier venue again. 


Cost:                                                                    $80 flat fee structure -it's never too late to register!! Please enter now, but entries are                                                                               accepted up until 9:30 am on the morning of the match. 

Minimum Rounds:                                           220 (Please bring extra ammunition)

Match Briefing:                                                  9.50am Saturday morning (squadding and match briefing)

Shooting will start promptly at:                      10.00am

Lunch, Food & Refreshments:                        Self Catering. There will be a staffed canteen that accepts cash at the Rotorua club

                                                                             rooms with a selection of hot and cold foods. .here will be no timetabled stop for

                                                                             lunch, squads can break when appropriate. 

Water, Tea & Coffee:                                         Provided by APC and available free of charge at the club rooms throughout the match.

Awards:                                                               Spot Prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of shooting on Saturday. There will be

                                                                             no separate awards ceremony on Sunday. Match results will be posted online.  

Ammunition:                                                     There will be no official match ammunition for this event –  any competitor may be

                                                                             selected by match officials to be chronographed during the course of the match. 

Sunday shooting, starts on your next stage at 9am no briefing prior to start on the second day.


Match Plan is to shoot 6 stages on Saturday, 4 stages on Sunday.  


Maximum of 15 shooters per squad.


Make payment directly to Auckland Pistol Club's Bank Account   12-3032-0733085-52

ASB Bank Limited, Manurewa.

Please quote, your SURNAME plus DTap2018, as your reference so we can confirm payment.

Please pay before the match.

"It is a condition of participation in this event that:

If you are over 16 years of age, you are the holder of a current New Zealand Firearms Licence,

If you are under 16 years of age, you are accompanied by and will be participating under the supervision of a holder of a current New Zealand Firearms Licence.

In either case, either a standard or a visitor's Firearms Licence is acceptable.

At the registration for this event you (or your supervisor, if you are under 16 years of age) will be required to produce your Firearms Licence. If you do not do so, you will be unable to participate in the event"

By entering this match you undertake to abide by the match committee's decisions. 

Range Officers: This is a level two match but range officers are still welcome to participate. We would love to have you, there is no pre-match, but contact us if you would like to discuss arrangements. 

Inquiries to Match Director:                

Andrew Brewster,   


Phone: 027 4977 167  


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