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APC - Double Tap - March 2024

Thursday-Friday Match

Saturday-Sunday Match

To enter, click one of the links above.

Register a Practiscore account and be logged into it.

Click the link again, you will get the entry form this time if you didn't get it the first time.

It's back!!! The Double Tap!!!  

Auckland Pistol Club introduced the IPSC Double Tap Match in 2009. This is always been a great event with challenging and rewarding stages.  In March 2024 it's up and running again. This time with Waiuku Pistol Club as a venue.


Waiuku Pistol Club & Auckland Pistol Club are teaming up, along with a strong contingent of IPSC competitors What's more there is something unusual this time, with the match being two, two-day events combined into one grand scoring package.   This gives you the competitor more flexibility over when you can shoot. There are two match waves, the first is Thursday and Friday 14th & 15th March, The second is Saturday & Sunday 16th & 17th March (and yes, you can only shoot in one of them).


There are 12 stages 232 rounds MINIMUM. Six stages will be shot each day with a quick getaway on the second day. The scores from each wave are combined as one event. There will be spot prizes but there will not be a long prizegiving at the end of the last day. Prizes will be randomly allocated at the start of the match and awarded during the match. So enter quick and be involved in fun, fast, close quartered stages (with the odd long shot).  


You can enter the Double Tap on Practiscore. It's $150 and you can shoot on Thurs & Fri 14th & 15th or on Sat & Sun 16th & 17th. Payment is made during your entry process using a credit card. If you don't have suitable card or paying this way just does not suit you contact Cyrus  to make alternative arrangements to pay [Then you will still need to register for the match on Practiscore after this] Once your payment is confirmed you will receive further match details by email. We will also include details on what food options will be available and for those of you traveling what local accommodation options are available. Note that lunch is not included as part of the match fee.


You will receive a personal match management page on Practiscore for this match. You can see how many competitors and which grade are shooting in each division. In time, we will also upload the stage plans and match booklet on Practiscore so please check back for these closer to the match date.  


The beauty of making your entry on Practiscore is that you can later amend your entry details. Lets say you entered in Open Division but nearing match day your Open gun wasn't working so well. You can just log in and change your entry to Production or Classic or whatever you like.  


Note the address for Waiuku Pistol Club is:  706 Whiriwhiri Rd, Otaua 2682, New Zealand The Waiuku Pistol Club Website is:   Further information on entry to the range will follow by email closer to the match date.


Enter using one of these links: Note there are two waves, Thursday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday.


Thursday-Friday Match


Saturday-Sunday Match


See you there!!


APC Club Secretary.

Welcome to Auckland Pistol Club


Did you know that it is possible to own and shoot pistols here in New Zealand?


It is, and you too can be part of this exciting, dynamic sport and recreation.  Naturally, strict rules apply.

You must belong to a registered Pistol Club, have no police convictions and be an upstanding citizen of good character. Auckland Pistol Club caters to members from all over the Auckland Region and is one of the closest and most accessible clubs from Central Auckland only 10min from Auckland's Botanic Gardens in Manurewa.

To join the club click the 'Joining' tab above and follow the instructions there or check out the 'FAQ' tab.

Why Pistol Shooting?



Pistol Shooting is a dynamic and exciting sport which is rapidly growing in New Zealand.


There are many disciplines of shooting and areas of knowledge from cleaning and maintaining your equipment to reloading and testing match ammunition to the aspects of the mental discipline required for competition this is a family friendly sport that caters to all ages, genders and cultures. Our focus is first and foremost on Firearms Safety. 

Want to know more?



The best place to start is by visiting the club and ranges.


Our New Members Director will arrange for you to get a short tour of the ranges with an explanation of the different styles of shooting sport we participate in.

Pistol NZ IPSC Section
Pistol NZ ISSF Section
Pistol NZ 3Gun Section
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