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Welcome to Auckland Pistol Club


Did you know that it is possible to own and shoot pistols here in New Zealand?


It is, and you too can be part of this exciting, dynamic sport and recreation.  Naturally, strict rules apply.

You must belong to a registered Pistol Club, have no police convictions and be an upstanding citizen of good character. Auckland Pistol Club caters to members from all over the Auckland Region and is one of the closest and most accessible clubs from Central Auckland only 10min from Auckland's Botanic Gardens in Manurewa.

To join the club click the 'Joining' tab above and follow the instructions there or check out the 'FAQ' tab.

Why Pistol Shooting?



Pistol Shooting is a dynamic and exciting sport which is rapidly growing in New Zealand.


There are many disciplines of shooting and areas of knowledge from cleaning and maintaining your equipment to reloading and testing match ammunition to the aspects of the mental discipline required for competition this is a family friendly sport that caters to all ages, genders and cultures. Our focus is first and foremost on Firearms Safety. 

Want to know more?



The best place to start is by visiting the club and ranges.


Our New Members Director will arrange for you to get a short tour of the ranges with an explanation of the different styles of shooting sport we participate in.

Pistol NZ IPSC Section
Pistol NZ ISSF Section
Pistol NZ 3Gun Section
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