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Range 3 Works Update

Hi everyone.

Here's the latest update regarding the sound-proofing work being carried out on Range 3.

The plywood interior relining has been painted and installation of the interior acoustic material has begun. Autex contractors are expected to complete the interior part of the installation by the end of this week.

We have received some of the exterior whisper sheeting - about enough to do half of the external work required. The balance is being shipped in another container with ETA still to be confirmed.

Once the materials we have on hand are installed we should be in a position to do some initial testing which will give us an indication of the effectiveness of the sound-proofing system.

Our next update will be once the materials are up and the testing has been done.

We hope to be able to announce at that time that the ISSF section are able to return to full sunday matches once again.

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