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Come shoot Rack n Roll 2015

This weekend sees the 3rd annual Rack n Roll IPSC competition.

Rack n Roll was first held to provide a local match for Classic and Revolver shooters with an emphasis on fun. We shoot 12 stages over two days splt to approximately 100 rounds per day.

When we held the inaugural match there were a few shooters without revolvers or 1911s that wanted to shoot the match for practice. They really enjoyed the match so the following year we opened it up to all divisions . Last year almost half the competitors shot other divisions and trophies are awarded across all divisions.

This year the emphasis is still on revolvers and 1911s with the two shield trophies being awarded in these two divisions but trophies will be awarded to other divisions. The Rack n Roll also qualifies as a grading match for any divisions with 3 or more Master Grade shooters as per the IPSC section policy on the PNZ website.

This year's stages will have a good level of challenge but nothing too tricky for a novice to handle. Once again the emphasis is on having fun and experienced shooters are there happy to help new shooters along.

Most of the shooters are from APC so there will be plenty of familiar faces around.

The stages are set and the weather is looking good so come along and join in and give it a go!

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