2020 Multigun Nationals 2nd PNZ Multigun Nationals

Date:   Saturday 4 April 2020 - Sunday 5 April 2020

Venue:   Taupo Pistol Club

Contact: Andrew

Download the Entry Form HERE



The Multigun Nationals has had to be rescheduled and relocated. (Moved from the Rotorua Pistol Club in February).

I'm really sorry for any inconvenience but the issues were outside my control.

The match will now be held in Taupo on the 4th and 5th April, thanks to the support of the Taupo Pistol Club.

I know there is a lot of uncertainty around the rifles we use, and I can't clarify much, so the policy for the multigun nationals is that carbine remains unchanged and the other divisions will include both mini rifle and manual action rifles.

Until I see the entries, and the entry form will be available soon after this announcement, I can't say whether the titles will be shared, but both rifle types will be acknowledged in the awards.

My focus this year is the keep the show on the road. When the dust settles on the second tranche we can make a decision on what gear we use but until then its about participation and keeping the whanau together.

Thanks for spreading the word and working towards these goals,...and see you in Taupo!




1st update 2/3/2020

New Zealand Multigun Nationals, at Taupo.


After a productive meeting at Taupo Pistol Club on Saturday with Shane, David and Nathan, we can now organize equipment and start building some really good stages.


About the entry from:


Please tick the Division box that you think your firearms are suited to.


There seems to be confusion about Open Division Semi 0.22 Please write on the bottom of the entry form your firearms configuration.


See the following examples:



Option A


(Open division Semi 0.22 red dot, 9mm production, .40 or other calibers with red dot and shotgun with red dot or iron sights) will be scored in this division.



Option B


(Open Division Semi 0.22 red dot, 9mm production, .40 or other calibers in standard and shotgun standard) will be scored in this division.



No Rimfire Pistols allowed.



We currently have entries in the following Divisions:


Heavy Sport


Open Division Semi 0.22 (iron sights pistol, shotgun)


Pistol Carbine Unlimited





We would like to see 10 or more competitors in each Division so start talking to your friends about this match.


Hope this helps.




Match Director (Andrew Brewster)


Any questions reply to: ipsc@pistolclub.org.nz

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